N. Texan Home Buyer Scammed Out Of $45K After Bogus Email She Thought Was From Her Title Company

The buyer received instructions to wire $45,000 for the down payment and closing costs to a bank in Arlington, and she did. With the click of a button, Veronica became a victim of wire fraud.

To avoid getting spoofed, scan emails for basic grammar and spelling mistakes. Then, check to see if the word ‘i’ is capitalized. “If the “I” is lowercase, it’s from a foreign computer. On an English-speaking computer, it will default to a Capital “I”, according to Dawn Moore, the CEO of Allegiance Title Company. Scammers will often spoof emails using information that’s readily available on the internet.

Never forward encrypted messages from your title company to another party.

The safest thing to do is to make payments through a company portal, offered by the title company.

Anyone who receives a questionable email should call their title company.




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