It’s fall! Chili weather is coming soon!

There’s No Chili Like Texas Chili and These 10 Recipes Do It Best. Not one has beans!

10 Texas Chili recipes and not one has beans! Photo credit: Instagram: bridgetownfiner

If your chili has beans, I’m simply not interested. Why take up space in a perfectly spiced homemade chili with beans? In my opinion, that’s the difference between a good chili and a great recipe. The best Texas chili recipes say “No, thank you!” to the pinto beans and “Yes, please!” to lots of brown, seared beef and spicy chiles swimming in spicy sauce.

Yes, red chili is where it’s at, and there are a ton of recipes out there. We scoured the internet to find the best of the best Texas chili recipes (and automatically disqualified any recipe that added beans). So pull out your Dutch oven or slow cooker, bake up a side of cornbread, and get ready with your sour cream, green onion, and cheddar cheese toppings. It’s time for a chili cook-off!

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