Experts in DFW Real Estate

After 17 years in the DFW new home real estate industry, we know some amazing real estate experts! Get to know some DFW real estate experts we like to call friends!

With 17 years in the DFW real estate community, we have a lot of real estate friends who are EXPERTS in their fields!
Get to know more of them in 2020! Are you an expert? Contact us!
Did she grow up in the title business? We think so! Stephanie Allen, Sr. VP, Director of Sales Development at Lawyers Title Preston Plano, told us about her FAVORITE TITLE RESOURCE: CINC – the best lead gen/conversion technology. Ask Stephanie for the details!
20 years in real estate! Yes, Ken Goodson can help you in new home sales!
DFW MLS Statistics Module? Whaaaaaaat? Sounds VERY worth your time to investigate! Ask our real estate friend, Sue Smith, with Independence Title about it!
18 years in new home sales starting way back in high school – Ana worked under some of the best of the best.
Ask Ana any of your new home questions!
Ask Susan Holt about Capital Title’s CappApp to show how the numbers will work for your clients!
‘Real Geeks’ is Tamera Gaede’s favorite resource at Lawyers Title! It’s an elite singe agent solution to an all in one real estate sales and marketing system!





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