Along I-30 in Ft Worth for 30 years – have you seen the ‘Homeless Christmas Tree?’

At one time, Carla Christian was homeless. When she got back on her feet, she felt a connection to the homeless and started decorating the little mimosa tree on a barren hill along I-30 in east Fort Worth so the homeless would have something to call their own. Carla decorated it for years without fanfare, until she got too old. Carla passed away in 2006.

The little mimosa tree on a barren hill along I-30 in east Fort Worth

Passersby notice it wasn’t decorated and begin to stop, climb the steep hill and add decorations. What has been named “The Homeless Christmas Tree” also got decorations on other holidays like Easter, the 4th of July, 9-11, and other seasonal events. There’s a book about it. You can get it on Amazon.

Great Christmas story for kindergarten / first graders about homelessness and working together
You can get it on Amazon
The tree is shown decorated for the spring season. It also was decorated for Easter, the 4th of July, 9-11, and other events.  PHOTO CREDIT:
Have you ever seen ‘The Homeless Christmas Tree’ – many have memories of it on
Interstate 30 between Beach Street and Oakland Boulevard on the westbound side
For three decades, the people of Fort Worth had a special connection with a scraggly tree on a hill off Interstate 30.
PHOTO CREDIT: Texarkana Gazette

Sadly, after many years, the mimosa tree started to whither and die. Only a stump is left. A tree specialist collected seeds from the original tree and planted eight saplings. One of those saplings was planted up on the hill right next to the original tree. The man who planted it was Carla’s son.

Carla’s son had the honor of planting a sapling from the original tree in the same spot off I-30 in Fort Worth

It may take quite a while, but Carla’s message of looking out for the homeless will continue to grow on a hill on I-30 for years and years to come.



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